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They Say if you want the esoteric knowledge you have to meditate. It seems like if you search and search you can't find the answers until you look inside yourself. The secret is something you can't explain. It doesn't have to be occult white or black. Death is the ultimate power. Its the grand all to all the knowledge and power a spirit can obtain. Its another dimension to us as living beings. Pro Choice Pro Life suddenly -  Because being a women your body is built to reproduce. Your a host for a human being type parasite. The fetus out grows your body and becomes something you can't control. The living being grows and is a free thinking being. The creation of life on a women's body is a huge sacrifice. I do believe all women should try to experience this before time elapses the chance. Abortion is to common in this world. When the cosmic world sends out a mission for a person changing the order of "god" can lead to a very negative world. As i'm trying to say that having a child is just a women's prelude to better change to come. More knowledge through learning by caring for another life.

Epic photo i saw as a child
I'm Super Depressed about Nicole. I've never felt so empty and fucked up in my life. My brain is super damaged.

Vintage Motorcycle Movies are my latest distraction. 
Also My job at Torche' Galerie apprenticing for Roddy Wildeman.

RAD Film

My New Car

                                                                  Nicole Patricia Arzig
                                                     September 15 1986 - August 17 2013

I'm starting to like the Bike better then a Car. I guess ill keep thinking this until its winter and im freezing my ass off. I get to sign up for hair school in Jan. Lately i been sticking up for myself Via Facebook and Have been getting Really good Responses. Its hard To be /me. But You Just cant Keep aGood one Down and Imsir,,, AGOOD One. Time to ride my bike to work then Possible Go to Russo Music and play a guitar that Ive been Longing For.

Things are so strange.

i now have all the programs i need adobe 





He is DEAD

This is at Trinity and pope in a downtown Asbury Park NJ
Here pictures of me at my art show notice i sold a painting.

Being Polish - You always Boil then Fry your Perogies 

Coffee and the cure... Mmmmmm
1. Candles & Incense 2. money 3. new clothes 4. saving animals 5. sex 6. sleep 7. clean house 8. coffee 9. fancy cakes 10. music in all forms 11. friends 12. flowers 13. friends 14. painting 15. seling art 16. liquid light show 17. guitar 18. venues 19. fancy restaurants 20. jewelry 21. art galleries and museums

7. opps 

How to Eat on $2.00 a week
1. Bread 85 cents & Bologna 99 cents
2. Rice and Beans (bagged)
3. Ramen Noodles and Lettuce
4. Pasta and butter
5. Sardines & Bread

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone - we find it with another. 
solitude is an achievement.

Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company. 

I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. 
I restore myself when I'm alone.

It's better to be unhappy alone than unhappy with someone
We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone. 

We live in a world in which politics has replaced philosophy.


What I'm Currently watching on youtube Its Full in parts


Listen to This and Feel Better. XO

I've been in Florida for some time now. Its fairly boring lately. I have the urge to get huge tattoos all over my body. I'm listening to the Live Stream For jersey city's WMFU. One of my favorite past times, since I've been 18 or 19. Well I was recently talked about in a article which you can find at this link
Good times. The guy who wrote it JJ, didn't seem to like my boyfriends band to much saying something like they were to much like nirvana... don't know how thats a bad thing i love love nirvana. Guess its not for everyone. I miss my CAT spider so very much I almost want to just get him tattoo'd to me with a third eye... uh I'm home sick! I've been to Daytona, Jupiter, West Palm, Key West, Delray, Palm Coast, and many other places in between. I'm Currently in Jupiter FL and I've found so many great thrift stores.. I got many of cool things Florida is great for thrifting although I've been being tame about it since i want to only have one small suitcase of stuff. 

sewing machines Wow... I had a sewing machine since i was a little kid. The one i had i was very use to... money got hard so i sold the thing for 15 bucks one of my regrets but i needed the money plus some of the parts were broken but i used it anyway... so after i realize how much i adored this machine it was gone off to its new owner. Since then my mom picked me up the sewing machine below at a garage sale and now its broken... or it always was.. so i have to bring it to the repair shop.... I'm so annoyed. This is what i do without being on Facebook to read all the blorg plebes posts that distract me from my real life things. There isn't a widget or app to sew my new clothes and there never will be!

Gosh I Feel Like I'm in a Pickle.. Things have been great and good maybe to good... more money more problems? My nerves are shot... booked everything for my key west vacation and now I'm skeptical... HOW HOW HOW... I feel Sick from the Lo Mein and seltzer i just had.. My fortune sed have caution but not Fear. What does this all mean. Why is my life so confusing and perfect right now.. I'm dizzy 

wat in the heck! i was trying to look up a band my friend told me about. it reminds me of the book my neighbor gave me it had a cover like this and the title was johnny and the magnetic hypo-lung and inside the book he had cut out a square for a secret stash space i used to hide my herb in.


Rest  In Peace
2 Years ago i saw Broadcast in NY with Atlas Sound
For my birthday by myself... Not long later she died of sickness.

My Life Will Never Be the Same

CASE STUDY . FREE DEMOS . includes strange art.

Email Me If Yu Would Lke To Be Friends -

Him Lost

To Lose Your Everything is all eyes to the sky.

Everything Here Now is all Eyes For me.

To give Away a Heart To Chapters of Endless branches.

To think & know From the eyes.

To Lose your "everything".

M. Mosher

all Psychic Vampires are destroyed.

This is a Comic By my Dear Friend Anna Jane.  

                                              Jupiter - By Jon Hudak Photographs By Jon Hudak

If i were a Sociopath i would embrace it.


photographs of ME below

MY beautiful Girl Friend Penelope Fox -

Reasons To Live

 September 17th 2011 - Hoboken New Jersey - Monroe Art Center

The best things I own I found in the garbage.

 This is worth 2,000 dollars. It is my Desktop image. I like dead animals and white candles.


SLeEp To DrEaM - BrOKen HEaRTED - Wallowing - Jasmine Tea, relieves depression and also tastes better with honey lemon and ginger.

 Attract Money

Ashley showing me her beautiful art and hand-made jewelry.

Me Playing a song

John - Juli - Ash - & I

                      John- Juli- Me. We play music everyone would love. plastic hearts.

This was at my friend Juli's new room. She lives in a giant old mansion now.  Ashley lives there too. We Drank Wine. Then we went back to my loft for a show with hardcore bands.

I like Blueberries. I love money. I'm going to NY. 

I wish Susan Sarandon was my mom.

New Wave - Disco Punk - Industrial - Avant-Garde - Music
Malaria! (photo above)
Christian Death
Front 242
Fad Gadget
Nitzer Ebb
Cabaret Voltaire
Sheep on Drugs
Poeme electronique
Yukihiro Takahashi
 Lydia Lunch
White House
And this list can go on for ever

These Are Photographs That i took of a once period in Time.

The old ship in Aberdeen NJ that was across from 7-11. I grew up driving past here every morning to go to my grandma's. I would tell my father that I was going to buy him that pirate ship.

Something I made about a serious issue. Starving Hurts :(

 my TV started saying sentences that were not a caption to the show. I thought it was like aliens/god telling me something so i took these pictures to prove that i am an enlightened one.

The two graves to the left in the back row are John and Joseph. Both died at 27. They were brothers. They died in the 1700's and I visit them because this grave is by my parents house.

                                               I AM TIRED BUT I DONT WANT TO SLEEP
Optical Illusion Photos I made and took. Can you figure them out?? 
No photo shop. Just real.  



I just cut open a cantaloupe ... It really is a Cant aloupe because when i cut it open it started fizzing and bubbling in the middle... yikes  



Here Are The photographs of my new shirt i painted it is the GOD OF NATURE. And Two Paintings  NEU