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Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
This Video is one of my favorite childhood videos that would appear on MTV in the 90's. This song reminds me of being in 4th grade wearing a flannel, converse all-stars, and red lipstick. Not knowing that I was apart of the grunge era and jumping in a big pile of leafs out side my grandma's. I stayed there in Aberdeen with her a lot. One of my cousins must have left all those 1970's flannels in the closet there that I found and made my own. This song has many of great feelings and times that come to mind.

Jucifer - Hennin Hardine                                                                                                                              
This song has made me cry very many times. After discovering the true meaning I knew why. It is about Death in Love, Seperation and Sadness, and hit hard to my soul. This is a two piece, Husband and Wife band from Georgia. Gazelle and Edgar are sed to live in a RV. I haven't seen them play a live show but they do play randomly on constant tours. This song was interviewed about and Gazelle sed it was about her friend whose husband died and watching her go through that feeling she wrote this. This song has much emotional power to death and love. It hurts my personal soul to have lost such a feeling I can relate to this and it makes me cry out my eyes. When I used to relate this to a bad realtionship I was wrong and hadn't known the true meaning. It became deeper to me after a suicide of a close person. 

Pain Killer - Portent
Avante-Garde and Grindcore Jazz. Guts of a Virgin is the first album, I think its rad. Scud Attack is another song I really dig. 

Husker Du - New day Rising
First track on my cassette "The Living End". The origin of Husker du - Mould Grant Norton formed in MN in 1979. This band has always been one that I would listen to and totally want to be extreme obsessive fan about. They are truely deep intense heart aching type dirt rock which should be known by any one into something. The song "Sorry Somehow" haunts me in my hardiest times and i feel comfort to fall back on it in times of desperation. BUT IM NOT SORRY. The song "game" is i guess "beyond punk" why but this is not early hc to me, but i will double kick a ninja after this breakingly tragic song of bullshit. I will get back with the rest of my thoughts for Husker Du. All songs make me feel better and why else. i just obsessive over so many songs that to write all my very personally favorites i will not be able to do because they are my personal own feelings. 

Pylon - Stop It
This Video will give you some back round information.
It made me sad that I feel the lead singer Georgian doesnt remember singing those songs.
Much Love. No More Junk. Cut Water Cocaine. <3 Free 
JawBreaker - Accident Prone
The lyrics are all you need to know. So I read this in my best friends journal "whats the closest you can get to an almost total wreck with all limbs intact". I had no idea it was to this song until my friend Jimmy had posted it. I felt so distressed knowing that these lyrics had such a deeper meaning in my life. This song means alot to me, like someone speaking beyond the grave.   

Portishead - Roads
Last Night i saw PortisHead at a festival called all tomorrows parties. My flat mate gave me the ticket because he had bought extras. I saw a bunch of awesome bands but portishead was the head liner and it was amazing. I like this song. I remember it from a movie. I forget which.

Valhalla - Hard Times
This is an anti-drug song.  Rock n Roll at its finest. I'm Very happy to be into such awesome psychedelic. I started coming across alot of this type of stuff one vinyl at yard sales and thrift stores. Most of the time I could just tell by the covers that is was going to rock hard as fuck. Other times I had to ask an old friend that was also an avid record collector he hooked me up with sabbath and iron butterfly records.. ect. Anything parrot records.. I liked this band the illusion alot when I found them. Now I'm just really loving all krautrock and anything like Crank... Pentagram. Blows Me minddsss.
The Band - The Weight
CLAssic. This is my song as of Lately. Been running around like a tired soul. Tired to keep going. Trying my best to stay on the earth as long as I can.